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All Weather Pitch Project

Merrow Juniors MUGA Proposal


Current Situation

The all-weather pitch was first built in 2001 and covers an area of 1600 square metres. The surface is now badly worn and needs refurbishment. The normal lifespan of such a pitch is 10 years so we’ve done extremely well make it last this long!

This pitch is a much-needed area for the school to be able to offer year-round outdoor learning, sports and activities. 

The Proposal

We propose to replace this with a new high-quality all-weather playing surface which could be used for a range of different sports. We will believe there is an opportunity for the school to improve facilities by installing facilities such as floodlighting and an outdoor toilet block. This will enable the school to let these facilities to the wider community, thus enabling everyone to lead healthy and active lives.

These lettings will also provide an income that will help fund future developments of this area. 

In particular, we propose to install sensitive floodlighting. This type of lighting has been specifically designed to minimise glare and overspill and cause less disturbances to wildlife and residents. We expect this lighting to be in use no later than 9pm on weekdays.

The school also plans to install an outdoor toilet block. This will enable to school to make the new pitch available to the wider community. 

Executive head teacher Mrs Dormer said “This development will upgrade our facilities, providing first-class sports and learning facilities for our children and young people.  Additionally, we’d be able to open these facilities to benefit the wider community too.”