Bushy Hill Junior School


Our aim at Bushy Hill is to provide an art and design curriculum which enthuses and challenges all pupils. Children are given the opportunity to develop their own unique and personal creative ideas, observing and responding to the world around them. They experience a range of materials and tools, developing skills in drawing, painting, 3D work, collage, photography and textiles. They develop an understanding of key artists, crafts people and designers applying this knowledge to their own work. They have the opportunity to evaluate their own work and that of others in a constructive manner using the language of art, craft and design. Each child has their own sketchbook in which they can collect, develop, research and review their work.


On leaving Bushy Hill a successful learner of this subject will:

  •       Be able to produce creative work, exploring and recording their ideas in a sketchbook;
  •       Become more proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art and craft techniques;
  •       Use the language of art and design to evaluate their own work and the work of others;
  •       Have an understanding of great artists, craft makers and designers.



Art Subject Report 2021/22

Art Subject Report 2020/21

Progression of Knowledge and Skills Document


Year Group Autumn Spring Summer


Skill: Sketching 

Focus Artist: Rothko

Skill: Egyptian art 

Focus Artist: Sir Christopher Wren

Skill: Viking art 

Focus Artist: Paul Klee

Skill: Colour mixing

Focus Artist: Goldsworthy

Skill: Printing 

Focus Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Skill: Collage 

Focus Artist: Wassily Kandinksky


Skill: Observational drawing

Sketching using variety of drawing pencils to create shade and light.

Experiment with using hatching and cross-hatching to show tone and texture

Water colour –  create a wash and add a landscape over the top.


Design - Study the architecture and design of Gaudi.


Clay - Create a Gaudi ‘lizard’ using a variety of sculpting techniques and glazes.


Painting – colour mixing, use of a variety of different brushes.

Identify contrasting and complimentary colours.

Cutting: Find out about Matisse and the work that he created at different stages of his life. Focus on ‘drawing with scissors’ Use the techniques of collage learnt earlier in the term to create their own piece influenced by Matisse.
Focus artist: JW Turner Focus artist: Antoni Gaudi Focus artist: Henry Matisse

Skills: Creating cubist pop art 

Chalk pastels – looking at creating pictures that show water

Observational drawing – experimenting with a variety of tools

Collage – rainforest picture


Figure drawing and looking at how different artists have approached this - Degas, Rembrandt and Rubens then looking at Banksy

Collage – work inspired by the book Dragonology

Landscape art work inspired by Hockney – photography work

Skills: Textiles work – Bayeux tapestry work 

Printing – creating a tile and printing from it.

Observational drawing

Focus artist – Romero Britto and Rousseau

Focus artist – Banksy and Hockney

Focus artist – William Morris


Drawing of moving figures

Oil pastels – action figures in sport

Wire Figure sculptures

Watercolours – poppy fields

Clay poppies 

Observational drawing of flowers

Canvas work – acrylic flowers

Observational drawing – work on still life

Sketching and shading skills

Perspective work – buildings

Creating a watercolour inspired by Lowry

Mod roc – Greek masks

Oil pastels – Van Gogh inspired art work

Marbelling – looking at art work form different cultures

Experimenting with different art techniques – splatter, rolling marbles in paint

Collage/textiles – using a variety to materials to create a Monet inspired piece of art

Japanese manga

Focus artist – Romero Britto and Rousseau

Focus artist – Lowry and Van Gogh

Focus artist - Monet