Bushy Hill Junior School


Humanities at Bushy Hill consists of both Geography and History. In this area of the curriculum the children learn about both the geography of our locality and the local history. Children's interest in the subject is fostered through a range of exciting topic areas in each term that can range from half a term to a full term in coverage. These exciting topics include; Egyptians in Year 3, Life in the Freezer in Year 4, South America in Year 5 and World War II in Year 6.

The aims of both Geography and History within the school is to create a greater understanding of why things are the way they are and also ask questions about the world around us. Curiosity is a very important skill in Humanities! Our curriculum will create a fascination about the World around us, the people who are living here now and in the past, and the impact and influences that these people have had on our way of life.

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