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At Bushy Hill, we believe that mathematics plays an essential part in our everyday lives. Therefore it is important to not only develop a solid foundation of mathematical skills for every child, but also to foster a curiosity for the subject and the role it plays in helping us understand the world around us. Bushy Hill pupils will make links between mathematics and its real-world applications such as science, computing and engineering. They will hear and speak a range of quality mathematical language in order to grow their vocabulary and present mathematical justifications, arguments and proofs. Additionally, the high-quality mathematics education at Bushy Hill will develop vital skills such as financial literacy, nurture the ability of every child to reason mathematically, solve a range of conceptual and practical problems, and develop an appreciation for the beauty and power of mathematics. 


On leaving Bushy Hill a successful learner of this subject will:


  • Show fluency with the fundamental skills of mathematics such as the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division);
  • Be able recall and apply mathematical knowledge such as times tables rapidly and accurately and in a range of contexts;
  • Reason mathematically by understanding what a question is asking, choosing a method, working systematically, and justifying a final answer using a range of mathematical language;
  • Make links between the mathematical domains and to their prior knowledge;
  • Have confidence and perseverance in seeking solutions to increasingly complex problems;
  • Understand that there is usually more than one way to solve a problem, including breaking it down into smaller steps;
  • Apply their mathematical knowledge to science, computing and other academic subjects;
  • Appreciate the many real-world applications of mathematics, and the rich history of the subject in creating the modern world we live in today;
  • Understand how our mathematical skills play a vital role in our everyday lives.


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