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Modern Foreign Languages

The purpose of all language is communication and our aim, in the early stages of learning a foreign language, is to generate enthusiasm, enjoyment, and to give the children the confidence to participate and persevere. Children are predominantly taught French but are also introduced to Spanish and German. Activities including speaking, listening, reading and writing provide as authentic an experience as possible, which will develop the pupil's ability to communicate with native speakers, in a range of situations.  We celebrate the languages of all our school community and encourage children to share their native language and culture.  Aspects of other countries around the world, including France, are discussed and taught. As part of our residential programme, Year 6 children have a week in France where they have the opportunity to use their language skills in real life situations. 

A successful learner at our schools will:

  • Be able to speak in the target language with increasing confidence;
  • Be able to write paragraphs, of at least three sentences, for different purposes and audiences;
  • Experiment, take risks and are not afraid to make and learn from mistakes; 
  • Pupils know that learning a language means learning about and appreciating other cultures. 

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