Bushy Hill Junior School

Physical Education

At Bushy Hill we value the importance of developing and enhancing the children’s fundamental skills in varied inclusive activities, whilst also providing opportunities in traditional competitive sports. Our child-centred approach is instrumental to how we teach PE; to engage, support and challenge EVERY child. We encourage leadership and independence, which allows all abilities to participate at their own level. As a result children at BHJS receive two different weekly sessions of physical activity. One to learn the skills through sport and invasion games, such as Athletics, Cricket and Rugby. The second is a dedicated session to developing fundamental physical and cognitive skills (REAL PE). 


On leaving Bushy Hill a successful learner of this subject will:

  • Be confident participating in a range of physical activities whether as an individual or part of a team;
  • Engage in competitive and cooperative physical activities, in a range of increasingly challenging situations;
  • Communicate, collaborate take responsibility and ownership for their development of  fundamental movement skills to help them access a broad range of opportunities which will gradually extend their agility, balance and coordination;
  • Have had a range of experiences covering a wide spectrum of sporting and physical disciplines;
  • Have in depth understanding of game play and apply effective decision making and tactical thinking in a range of situations; 
  • Be able to demonstrate an understand that physical education enriches many aspects of our growth such as: creativity, cognition. health and fitness, social awareness and personal well-being;
  • Be confident to create, adapt, organise and lead physical activities for others;
  • Respect each other's efforts in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust;
  • Have had the opportunity to participate in competitive inter-school sporting events.