Bushy Hill Junior School


We aim to educate the children to be thoughtful, responsible citizens who are able to make reasoned, valued judgments. We promote caring for themselves and others and the qualities and attitudes of desirable social values. This is done through planned units of work where topics such as 'friendship' and 'working together' are covered. Social and emotional aspects of learning are also linked into our units of work and opportunities for children to talk about issues personal to them are given through class circle times. Wherever possible, links to PSHE are made across the curriculum with Years 4 & 5 undertaking residential trips that build up teamwork skills. Drug education is incorporated into the unit plans across the school starting with a focus on medicines and the safety of them in year 3, to smoking in year 6. Sex education forms part of our programme. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from any part of the sex education programme. The remaining areas covered include financial capability (saving and earning money), democracy and leadership, healthy lifestyles and staying safe (including e-safety).

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