Bushy Hill Junior School

Religious Education

Here at Bushy Hill, we aim to encourage an understanding of the importance of caring and good relationships with others. The Religious Education taught is based on Christian morals and principles and children also learn about a range of world faiths. At the same time pupils are helped to understand the history and culture of other nations and to have an understanding of other religions. At Bushy Hill we follow the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Surrey Schools:

https://www.cofeguildford.org.uk/education/standing-advisory-council-on-religious-education/surrey-agreed-syllabus-for-religious-education and ensure that all compulsory RE topics are covered through our creative curriculum approach.

On leaving Bushy Hill a successful learner of this subject will: 

  • Know the main teaching and beliefs of world religions; 
  • Show awareness of key non- religious organisations;
  • Identify key artefacts from different religions, treating them sensitively;
  • Ask challenging questions and reflect on answers given;
  • Visit places of worship and interact with members of different faiths;
  • Be a tolerant and respectful member of the local community/ society.

In line with the requirements of the law, parents or carers have a right to withdraw their child(ren) from both RE and / or the daily act of collective worship.  Whilst legally, parents don’t have to give a reason for the withdrawal, we hope that it would be the beginning of a discussion with the Head Teacher as to how this issue can be resolved.


RE Subject Report

Year Group






How can we live together in one world?

How does the Bible reveal God’s rescue plan?

Christmas- Why are presents given? What might Jesus think?

What are important times for Jews?

How did Jesus change lives?

Easter-What happened? What matters most to Christians?

How did the Church begin?

Why do Christians share communion?

How did it all begin?



How can a synagogue help us understand Jewish faith?

What do Christians believe about God?

Christmas-How can artists help us understand Christmas?

Why is praying important to Christians?

How do people celebrate new life?

Easter- How does Lent help Christians prepare for Easter?

Is Christian worship the same all around the world?

What do Sikhs value?



What is the ‘golden rule’ and are they all the same?

Who did Jesus say I AM?

Christmas- Why is light an important sign at Christmas?

What is wisdom?

How did Jesus’ teaching challenge people?

Easter-How do Christians know what happened at Easter?

How can a mosque help us understand Islamic faith?

How do the pillars of Islam help Muslims lead a good life?



What is the Buddhist way of life?

The Trinity: How is God three and yet one?

Christmas- What do the Gospels say about the birth of Jesus- and why is it ‘good news’?

How can churches help us understand Christian belief?

Adam, Eve, Christmas, Easter: what are the connections?

Easter-Did Jesus have to die?

What does it mean to be a Hindu?

What helps Hindus to worship?