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Admission & Waiting List Information


School admissions - Surrey County Council (

To apply for an in-year place at Merrow Junior School you will need to apply via Surrey County Council.  For information regarding how to make an in-year application please click on the following link: 

Apply for an in year school place - Surrey County Council ( 

Please note there are two different types of application forms when applying for an in-year school place.  If you are applying for Merrow Junior School you will need to complete a CMA application form. 

Please follow all the steps on the Surrey County Council website to ensure you do not miss any vital information that may hold up your application.

Once Surrey County Council have received your application form they have 5 working days to contact the school advising us of your request. 

The school will then have 10 school days to advise Surrey County Council whether we can offer a place.  At the same time we will contact you to advise you whether we can make an offer or whether we have added your child to the relevant waiting list.  

If you receive an offer letter, you will have 2 weeks to respond to accept or decline the place. 

If you receive a letter advising you that we cannot offer you a place you can contact us to find out the position of your child on our waiting list. 

Waiting lists are cancelled at the end of July each year. Applicants who wish a child to go on the waiting list for the 2023/24 academic year must reapply for in year admission through Surrey County Council. Applications received after the end of July 2023 will be added to the waiting list as soon as they have been processed.


If you have been unsuccessful in gaining a place at Merrow Junior School and you wish to lodge an appeal, please visit the Surrey Schools Appeals website at or call 0208 541 9029 for further information. The Surrey Appeals Service administers the appeal process for the school.

Appeals resulting from in year admission applications will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.


Appeals Timetable