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Equality Statement

Bushy Hill Equality Statement


We are a community committed to equality for all our students and employees and as such welcome our duty under the Equality Act 2010 and public sector equality duty (2011) to eliminate discrimination, to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations. 


We recognise the protected characteristics of:  

  • Gender  
  • Race  
  • Disability  
  • Religion or belief  
  • Sexual orientation  
  • Gender reassignment  
  • Pregnancy and maternity 



Our school is committed to equality both as an employer and a service-provider.  We work hard to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.  We want to make sure that our school is a safe, secure and stimulating place for everyone.  We recognise that people have different needs, and we understand that treating people equally does not always involve treating them all exactly the same.  We recognise that for some pupils extra support is needed to help them to achieve and be successful.  We try to make sure that people from different groups are consulted and involved in our decisions, for example through talking to pupils and parents/carers and the local community.  We aim to make sure that no-one experiences harassment, less favourable treatment or discrimination because of their age; any disability they may have; their ethnicity, colour or national origin; their gender; their gender identity or reassignment; their marital or civil partnership status; being pregnant or having recently had a baby; their religion or beliefs; their sexual identity and orientation. 


Due Regard for Equality 

As a school we deal promptly and effectively with all incidents and complaints of bullying and harassment related to the protected characteristics. Incidents are recorded and we notify those affected of the action we have taken. The school building and environment continues to ensureaccessibility for people with disabilities. We ensure our curriculum, resources and the presentation of the school promote positive images of all peoples, including teaching about other faiths and visiting other places of worship. We monitor the attainment and progress of all our pupils by gender, ethnicity, SEND, FSM, pupil premium. Where necessary we take actions to address any negative trends (or gaps), this includes drawing up of individual support plans, working with focus groups of children and targeting of extra resources. 

Please refer to our Equalities Policy for further information.